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CBT IDTitleUpload Date
1Test 12018-07-25 02:55:26
2Test 12018-07-25 02:54:58
3Test 22018-07-25 02:54:58
4HTML5 Test 724182018-07-25 03:20:50
7HTML5 Test 0724182018-07-25 03:27:20
15HTML5 INSIGHT Test 724182018-07-25 03:51:56
16HTML5 INSIGHT Learning Checkpoint Test 724182018-07-25 03:52:40
17Request a Valuation2018-07-25 04:53:20
18HTML5 Test TWO 7-25-182018-07-25 04:57:39
19HTML5 Test Three 07-25-182018-07-25 05:26:15
20HTML5 Test Three 07-25-182018-07-25 05:26:31
21Avis AutoWatch GoTime Application Guide2018-07-25 05:32:42
22Tesla AutoWatch GoTime Repair Application Guide2018-07-25 05:47:55
23AutoWatch GoTime Repair Application2018-07-25 05:51:36
24Autosource Conditioning Best Practice-SF-03182018-07-25 13:14:37
25Advanced Estimating2018-07-25 14:42:10
26Adding a Total Loss Manager Claim2018-07-25 15:02:45
27Additional Features2018-07-25 16:16:24
28Additional Features2018-07-25 16:17:45
29Advanced Estimating 2018-07-25 16:19:37
30Advanced Software Questions and Training for American Family2018-07-25 16:35:18
31Advanced Software Training Learning Checkpoint2018-07-25 16:36:06
32Alternate Parts and Real Steel Recycled Parts Learning Checkpoint2018-07-25 16:37:06
33Alternate Parts and Recycled Parts Setup and Usage Learning Checkpoint2018-07-25 16:37:46
34American Family Reinspection and Estimate Review Reports Learning Checkpoint2018-07-25 16:38:28
35American Family Training Curriculum Learning Checkpoint2018-07-25 16:39:21
36APU State Farm Appraiser Training Learning Checkpoint2018-07-25 16:39:55
37Advanced Database with Question and Answers Learning Checkpoint2018-07-25 16:40:51
38Audatex Estimating Certification Test2018-07-25 16:42:15
39Audatex Estimating Creating Estimates Learning Checkpoint2018-07-25 16:50:33
40Audatex Estimating Introduction2018-07-25 16:51:19
41Autofocus Software and Workorder Overview2018-07-25 16:52:28
42Autofocus Software Exporting and Importing Workorders2018-07-25 16:53:10
43Autofocus Software Parts Management Basics2018-07-25 16:54:10
44Autofocus Software Setup Wizard - Basic Setup Procedures2018-07-25 16:54:59
45Autosource Audatex Est VIR Workflow for SF Select Service2018-07-25 17:03:19
46Autosource Conditioning with Prior Damage for SF2018-07-25 17:04:00
47Autosource Methodology Learning Checkpoint2018-08-01 18:52:25
48Autosource Specialty Total Loss Entry for State Farm Learning Checkpoint2018-08-02 14:39:40
49Autosource Total Loss2018-08-02 14:41:22
50Autosource Total Loss Manager Learning Checkpoint2018-08-02 20:14:51
51Autosource Vehicle Conditioning Learning Checkpoint2018-08-02 20:16:24
52Autosource Web VIR Workflow for State Farm Select Service2018-08-02 20:28:22
53AutoWatch GoTime App Training2018-08-02 20:30:56
54AutoWatch GoTime App Training Learning Checkpoint2018-08-02 20:31:52
55Avis AutoWatch GoTime Application Guide2018-08-02 20:32:32
56Basic Estimating2018-08-02 20:43:20
57Basic Proficiency Quiz2018-08-02 20:44:47
58Audatex Estimating Tips for Flawless Operation2018-08-03 11:49:23
59Audatex Insight Analytics Learning Checkpoint2018-08-03 11:50:39
60State Farm VIR AudaVIN2018-08-03 11:57:07
61AutoFocus Learning Checkpoint2018-08-03 11:58:36
62Database Operations Learning Checkpoint2018-08-03 12:28:45
63Advanced Database Questions and Answers 2018-08-03 12:32:25
64Insurance User Setup2018-08-03 15:01:56
65Introduction to Total Loss Manager Claims Experience2018-08-03 15:04:18
66KCS1 Training2018-08-03 15:05:40
67KCS1 Training Certification2018-08-03 15:07:11
68Labor and Sectioning Operations2018-08-03 15:08:21
69Labor and Sectioning Operations Learning Checkpoint2018-08-03 15:09:54
70Insight - Lesson 1 Building Reports2018-08-03 15:12:48
71Insight - Lesson 2 - Report Views2018-08-03 15:14:13
72Insight Lesson 3 Edit Column Formulas2018-08-03 15:18:07
73Insight Lesson 4 Pivot table2018-08-03 15:19:40
74Manage the Audatex Estimating Work List Learning Checkpoint.zip2018-08-03 15:22:08
75Audatex Estimating Quick Start Training2018-08-03 15:51:45
76Managing the Work List2018-08-03 16:44:51
77Optional Features2018-08-03 16:46:15
78Optional Features Learning Checkpoint2018-08-03 16:47:11
79Reading and Understanding an Autosource Valuation Learning Checkpoint2018-08-03 16:48:30
80Reading the Estimate Report2018-08-03 16:49:20
81Reading the Estimate Report Learning Checkpoint2018-08-03 16:50:12
82Audatex Estimating Refinish Operations2018-08-03 16:52:29
83Refinish Operations Learning Checkpoint2018-08-03 16:54:39
84Repair Status Training2018-08-03 16:56:24
85Repair Status Training Learning Checkpoint 2018-08-06 16:19:02
86Requesting a Valuation2018-08-06 16:19:55
87Requesting a Valuation Learning Checkpoint2018-08-06 16:20:32
88Autosource Salvage and Title History2018-08-06 16:27:46
89Shop User Setup2018-08-06 16:39:46
90Autosource Specialty Total Loss Entry Learning Checkpoint2018-08-06 16:41:23
91SF ADXE Shops VIR Learning Checkpoint2018-08-06 16:44:27
92SF AS Web VIR Learning Checkpoint2018-08-06 16:46:12
93State Farm Estimate Check Learning Checkpoint2018-08-06 19:27:15
94AEI Power Dispatch Learning Checkpoint2018-08-06 19:32:37
95State Farm Select Service AudaVIN Learning Checkpoint2018-08-06 19:48:46
96State Farm VIR for Select Service Learning Checkpoint2018-08-06 19:49:24
97State Farm Sync Video2018-08-07 13:21:34
98View the Labor Report2018-08-07 13:23:53
99Run AudaUpdate Video2018-08-07 13:26:44
100Confirm Estimate Upload Video2018-08-07 13:29:45
101Sync by Claim Number Video2018-08-07 13:32:11
102Reset Audatex Password Video2018-08-07 13:34:29
103Tesla AutoWatch GoTime App Training Learning Checkpoint2018-08-07 13:56:24
104The Work List2018-08-07 13:57:28
105Total Loss Manager Inform User2018-08-07 13:58:09
106Training and Conditioning Learning Checkpoint2018-08-07 14:10:14
107Training and Conditioning Learning Checkpoint2018-08-07 14:11:03
108Understanding Labor Operations2018-08-07 14:12:44
109ADXE Understanding Labor Operations Learning Checkpoint2018-08-07 14:57:59
110Using Claims Search Viewer2018-08-07 14:59:54
111Using Claims Manager Viewer Learning Checkpoint2018-08-07 15:07:09
112Vehicle Data Video2018-08-08 11:44:33
113Vehicle Data Video2018-08-08 11:46:24
114Managing a Total Loss Manager Claim2018-08-14 13:31:31
115How to Run AudaUpdate VIDEO2018-08-15 11:42:24
116How to Sync by Claim Number VIDEO2018-08-15 11:43:15
117How to Confirm an Estimate Uploaded VIDEO2018-08-15 11:44:34
118How to Reset Your Password in Audatex Estimating VIDEO2018-08-15 11:45:34
119How to Confirm the Vehicle Data Version VIDEO2018-08-15 11:46:53
120How to View the Labor Report VIDEO2018-08-15 11:47:56
121How to Synchronize for State Farm Users VIDEO2018-08-15 11:49:15
122How to Configure Export Paths VIDEO2018-08-15 11:55:01
123How to Export from Audatex Estimating VIDEO2018-08-15 11:55:40
124How to Install AudaUpdate VIDEO2018-08-15 11:56:17
125American Family TL Option and Conditioning with Advance Vehicle ID2018-08-15 13:17:48
126Audatex Estimating Alternate Parts and Recycled Parts Setup and Usage2018-08-15 13:55:54
127Audatex Estimating Workshop for Commerce CARES Shops Learning Checkpoint 2018-08-15 14:36:40
128Password2018-08-15 18:46:07
129State Farm Sync2018-08-15 19:03:55
130Upload Estimate 2018-08-15 19:09:35
131Vehicle Data2018-08-15 19:16:33
132Sync by Claim2018-08-15 19:26:37
133How to Run AudaUpdate2018-08-15 19:32:44
134How to View the Labor Report Video2018-08-15 19:39:33
135Reinspection Reports and Estimate Review Review Reports Training Overview2018-08-16 18:31:37
136Avis AutoWatch GoTime Application Training Learning Checkpoint2018-08-16 18:58:09
137Tips for Flawless Operations Learning Checkpoint2018-08-16 19:11:51
138Audatex Estimating Managing the Work List2018-08-16 21:11:48
139Audatex Estimating Password Reset2018-08-16 21:35:52
140Reading and Understanding Autosource Valuation2018-08-16 21:52:47
141How to Configure Export Paths2018-08-17 13:50:54
142How to Configure Export Paths2018-08-17 13:58:48
143Tesla Autowatch GoTime Application Training2018-08-17 14:37:47
144Using Claims Search Viewer2018-08-17 16:22:29
145APU Training for State Farm Appraisers2018-08-17 17:59:45
146How to Copy an Estimate or Supplement in Audatex Estimating2018-08-22 14:38:28
147How to Add Related Prior Damage in Audatex Estimating Video2018-08-22 16:27:24
148How to Email in Audatex Estimating Video2018-08-22 17:49:45
149How to Recover a Deleted Estimate in Audatex Estimating Video2018-08-22 17:56:03
150How to Install Audatex Estimating and AudaUpdate Video2018-08-22 18:12:12
151How to Export from Audatex Estimating Video2018-08-22 18:18:42
152How to Install Audatex Estimating and AudaUpdate Video2018-08-23 14:56:19
153How to Setup a Web or Multiuser Workstation Video2018-08-24 13:09:57
154How to Add Related Prior Damage in Audatex Estimating Video2018-08-24 13:37:52
155Audatex Estimating Essentials - Creating Estimates2018-08-24 18:10:42
156How to Add Images to an Estimate Video2018-08-28 13:23:19
157How to Setup or Update Labor Rates Video2018-08-28 16:44:18
158How to Setup or Update Labor Rates Video2018-08-29 16:41:45
159How to Add Images to an Estimate Video2018-08-29 16:45:05
163Sync Test2018-09-05 19:07:55
164Amy Test 9-12-182018-09-12 10:06:29
165State Farm VIR for Select Service Shops Learning Checkpoint2018-09-17 14:10:52
166Upgrade Through AudaUpdate Standalone Users2018-09-21 11:38:26
167Standalone Users Upgrade Through AudaUpdate2018-09-21 14:31:14
168Autofocus Software and Workorder Overview2018-09-24 10:52:16
169Upgrade Through AudaUpdate Standalone and Multi-Users2018-09-24 12:59:59
170State Farm Audatex Estimating - VIR Shops Learning Checkpoint 2018-09-26 07:27:27
171Amy Test 9-27-182018-09-27 10:37:29
172Angie Test 9-27-182018-09-27 22:47:42
174Upgrade Through AudaUpdatex Standalone and Multi-Users-22018-10-02 09:38:38
175AudaUpdate for Standalone Users-22018-10-02 12:17:35
176Audatex Estimating QUICK START Training with Learning Checkpoint2018-10-04 07:18:25
177Password Reset Training - 10-10-182018-10-10 12:54:43
178Audatex Insight Lesson 1 Building Reports2018-10-11 11:11:08
179Insight Analytics Learning Checkpoint2018-10-11 11:14:49
180Autosource Specialty Total Loss Entry for State Farm Learning Checkpoint2018-10-22 10:59:46
181SF VIR Select Service Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 09:21:02
182SF AS Web VIR Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 09:30:58
183Manage the ADXE Work List2018-11-06 09:37:14
184Manage the ADXE Work List Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 09:37:52
185Autosource Audatex Estimating VIR Workflow for State Farm Select Service2018-11-06 10:31:37
186AS Web VIR Workflow for SF Select Service2018-11-06 10:33:20
187SF SS AudaVIN Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 10:35:51
188SF ADXE Shops VIR Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 10:37:33
189Autosource Conditioning with PD for State Farm2018-11-06 10:39:04
190SF EC Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 10:40:09
191SF VIR SS Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 12:13:17
192ADXE Refinish Operations2018-11-06 13:33:49
193ADXE Refinish Operations Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 13:37:44
194ADXE Labor and Sectioning Operations2018-11-06 13:57:31
195ADXE Labor and Sectioning Operations Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 13:58:10
196Audatex Estimating Labor and Sectioning Operations Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 14:09:24
197Labor Section operations Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 14:22:31
198ADXE RO Training2018-11-06 15:39:18
199ADXE RO Learning Checkpoint2018-11-06 15:44:00
200ADXE Understanding RO Learning Checkpoint22018-11-06 15:47:20
201SF VIR for SS Learning Checkpoint22018-11-06 16:05:54
202SFVIRforSS Learning Checkpoint32018-11-06 16:27:24
203SF ADXE Shops VIR Learning Checkpoint22018-11-06 17:13:15
204SF Autosource Web VIR Learning Checkpoint22018-11-06 17:27:49
205AS ADXE VIR Workflow SF SS22018-11-07 08:03:48
206AS Conditioning with PD for State Farm22018-11-07 08:17:23
207SF AudaVIN VIR22018-11-07 08:26:48
208Audatex Insight Analytics Learning Checkpoint22018-11-07 12:48:28
209Avis AutoWatch GoTime Application Learning Checkpoint2018-11-07 13:12:17
210Audatex Estimating Quick Start Training with Learning Checkpoint22018-11-12 11:22:11
211Upgrade Through AudaUpdate Standalone Users32018-11-12 12:56:57
212Update using AudaUpdate Standalone and Multi-Users32018-11-12 13:47:52
213Basic Estimating - Creating an Estmate22018-11-12 13:55:30
214Advanced Estimating22018-11-12 13:57:35
215Basic Proficiency Learning Checkpoint22018-11-12 13:59:44
216Additional Features22018-11-12 14:02:39
217Autosource Total Loss22018-11-12 14:05:16
218Audatex Estimating Certfication Learning Checkpoint22018-11-12 14:08:47
219The Work List22018-11-12 14:10:20
220Specialty Total Loss Entry Learning Checkpoint22018-11-12 14:12:26
221AEI Power Dispatch Learning Checkpoint22018-11-12 14:15:24
222Audatex Estimating Tips for Flawless Operation22018-11-12 14:17:25
223American Family TL Option and Conditioning with Advance Vehicle ID22018-11-12 14:19:33
224American Family Reinspection and Estimate Review Reports22018-11-12 14:22:25
225Advanced Software Questions and Answers22018-11-12 14:24:27
226Optional Features22018-11-12 14:30:30
227Creating Estimates in Audatex Estimating Essentials22018-11-12 14:34:58
228Creating Estimates in Audatex Estimating Essentials Learning Checkpoint22018-11-12 14:36:35
229Optional Features Learning Checkpoint22018-11-12 14:38:14
230Understanding Labor Operations22018-11-12 14:41:01
231Reading and Understanding a Valuation22018-11-12 14:43:57
232Lesson 4 - Pivot Tables22018-11-12 14:46:18
233Lesson 3 - Edit Column Formulas22018-11-12 14:47:56
234Audatex Estimating Introduction22018-11-12 14:49:13
235Advanced Software Questions and Answers22018-11-12 14:52:25
236APU State Farm Appraiser Training22018-11-12 14:59:45
237KCS1 Training Certification22018-11-13 07:27:08
238Tesla Autowatch GoTime Repair Application Training22018-11-13 07:32:14
239Autosource Salvage and Title History22018-11-13 07:36:27
240AutoWatch GoTime App Training22018-11-13 07:40:07
241Avis AutoWatch GoTime Application Training22018-11-13 07:42:56
242American Family Training Curriculum Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 07:47:06
243Repair Status Training Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 07:48:30
244AutoFocus Path to Proficiency Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 08:27:38
245AutoFocus Path to Proficiency Learning Checkpoint32018-11-13 08:31:47
246Audatex Insight Analytics Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 08:37:54
247Avis AutoWatch GoTime Application Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 08:40:07
248Autosource Total Loss Manager Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 08:41:35
249Understanding the Audatex Estimating Labor Database Learning Checkpoint32018-11-13 08:45:03
250Reading and Understanding Autosource Valuations22018-11-13 08:49:37
251Reading and Understanding an Autosource Valuation Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 08:54:17
252American Family Reinspection and Estimate Review Reports Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 08:55:59
253APU State Farm Appraiser Training Learning Checkpoint32018-11-13 09:12:52
254Tesla AutoWatch GoTime Application Training Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 09:14:35
255AutoWatch GoTime App Training Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 09:21:19
256Audatex Estimating Password Reset Training62018-11-13 09:25:27
257Advanced Database Questions and Answers22018-11-13 09:41:09
258Advanced Database Questions and Answers32018-11-13 09:42:53
259Advanced Database Questions and Answers Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 09:45:46
260Adding a Total Loss Manager Claim22018-11-13 09:47:08
261Adding a Total Loss Manager Claim22018-11-13 09:50:58
262Managing a Total Loss Manager Claim22018-11-13 13:44:48
263Reading the Estimate Report22018-11-13 13:47:52
264Reading the Estimate Report Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 13:49:36
265Easy Tips for Flawless Operations Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 13:51:05
266Database Operations Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 13:52:47
267Autosource Vehicle Conditioning Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 13:55:03
268Alternate Parts and Real Steel Recycled Parts Setup and Use22018-11-13 13:57:51
269Alt Parts and Real Steel Recy Parts Setup Use Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 14:00:09
270Advanced Software Questions and Answers Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 14:05:42
271Advanced Software Questions and Answers Learning Checkpoint32018-11-13 14:17:13
272Total Loss Manager Inform User22018-11-13 14:18:59
273Training and Conditioning Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 14:20:27
274Insight Lesson 1 Building Reports22018-11-13 14:22:48
275Insight Lesson 2 Report Views22018-11-13 14:25:08
276AutoFocus Export and Import Workorders22018-11-13 14:26:41
277AutoFocus Parts Management Basics22018-11-13 14:28:27
278AutoFocus Software and Workorder Overview22018-11-13 14:30:14
279Autofocus Software Setup Wizard - Basic Setup22018-11-13 14:32:09
280Using Claims Manager Viewer22018-11-13 14:33:47
281Using Claims Manager Viewer Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 14:35:00
282Requesting a Valuation22018-11-13 14:36:45
283Requesting a Valuation Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 14:38:25
284ADXE Workshop Commerce CARES Shops Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 14:40:28
285Autosource Methodology Learning Checkpoint22018-11-13 14:42:10
286Repair Status Training22018-11-13 14:45:09
287Advanced Software Questions and Answers32018-11-14 12:08:30
288Audatex Estimating Certification Test - Learning Checkpoint22018-11-14 12:42:55
289Password Reset Training32018-11-14 14:56:47
290Password Reset Training42018-11-14 15:03:59
291Labor and Sectioning Operations Learning Checkpoint22018-11-15 08:14:04
292Labor and Sectioning Operations Learning Checkpoint32018-11-15 08:19:21
293Autosource Specialty Total Loss Entry Learning Checkpoint32018-11-15 08:25:18
294Password Reset Training52018-11-15 08:52:31
295Password Reset Training62018-11-15 09:05:50
296Understanding the Audatex Estimating Labor Database Learning Checkpoint32018-11-15 09:27:37
297APU State Farm Appraiser Training Learning Checkpoint32018-11-15 10:04:01
298State Farm Estimate Check Quiz Checkpoint42018-11-15 10:27:49
299Audatex Estimating Certification Learning Checkpoint2018-11-15 11:07:15
300Managing a Total Loss Manager Claim32018-11-15 12:45:19
301Easy Tips for Flawless Operation Learning Checkpoint32018-11-15 12:53:53
302Audatex Estimating Certification Test Learning Checkpoint42018-11-15 13:46:01
303Audatex Estimating Certification Test Learning Checkpoint42018-11-15 13:46:53
304KCS1 Training Certification Learning Checkpoint2018-11-15 14:04:11
305Autosource Conditioning Best Practices - State Farm Clients2018-12-05 15:10:40
306Regression Test 12-19-182018-12-19 00:14:00
307Introduction to Total Loss Manager Claims Experience22018-12-19 08:51:46
308Top Troubleshooting Tips for your Work List2018-12-27 08:42:58
309Top Troubleshooting Tips for your Work List22018-12-27 09:09:22
310Avis AutoWatch GoTime Application Guide22019-01-04 08:16:59
311Tesla AutoWatch GoTime Application Training22019-01-04 08:18:50
312AutoWatch GoTime Application Training22019-01-04 08:20:47
313APU State Farm Appraiser Training32019-01-04 11:49:38
314How to Refresh All Profiles Video2019-01-14 11:58:00
315How to Use PDR in an Estimate2019-01-17 13:43:05
318UAT Test 2-28-192019-02-28 00:45:18
319UAT Test Learning Checkpoint 2-28-192019-02-28 00:45:47
320Audatex Estimating Quick Start Training with Learning Checkpoint2019-03-08 08:37:18
321State Farm Conditioning with Learning Checkpoint2019-04-10 12:38:00
326Add and Remove from Estimator List One Maaco2019-04-12 07:48:41
327Change Passwords One Maaco2019-04-12 07:50:49
328Audatex Estimating Introduction2019-04-17 10:59:14
329State Farm Conditioning with Learning Checkpoint2019-04-17 11:31:37
330State Farm Conditioning with Learning Checkpoint2019-04-17 11:48:35
331State Farm Conditioning with Learning Checkpoint2019-04-17 12:20:28
332How to Change the Import Path in One Maaco2019-04-22 08:57:28
333How to Disable Real Time Status Bar in One Maaco2019-04-29 09:46:27
334How to Edit Repair Authorization Form in One Maaco2019-04-29 09:47:25
335How to Merge Contact in One Maaco2019-04-29 09:47:52
336Basic Estimating2019-04-30 10:20:05
337Basic Estimating22019-05-02 10:27:41
338Lesson 4 - Pivot Tables2019-05-02 12:10:29
339Lesson 3 - Edit Column Formulas2019-05-02 12:16:55
340Advanced Estimating2019-05-02 12:41:51
341Basic Proficiency Quiz2019-05-06 10:19:36
342Additional Features2019-05-07 10:12:30
343How to Add-Remove a Contact2019-05-09 14:23:57
344How to Backup the One Maaco Database2019-05-09 14:24:35
345How to Customize the Grid View2019-05-09 14:25:18
346How to Customize One Maaco Reports2019-05-09 14:25:46
347How to Customize One Maaco Reports2019-05-09 14:26:24
348How to Setup Nightly KPI Reports2019-05-09 14:26:57
349One Maaco Launcher-Shortcut Missing2019-05-09 14:27:28
350One Maaco Launcher-Shortcut Missing2019-05-09 14:27:51
351State Farm Conditioning with Learning Checkpoint2019-05-10 08:46:48
352Shop User Setup2019-05-14 09:09:04
353Insurance User Setup2019-05-14 11:47:36
354Shop User Setup2019-05-14 12:13:35
355State Farm Conditioning With Learning Checkpoint2019-05-16 13:56:32
356Autosource Total Loss2019-05-20 12:45:25
357Audatex Estimating Certification Test - Learning Checkpoint 2019-05-21 09:35:50
358State Farm Conditioning With Learning Checkpoint2019-05-21 10:43:35
359State Farm Conditioning With Learning Checkpoint2019-05-21 10:56:08
360Autosource Conditioning BP for Tires and Mechanical2019-05-21 11:10:15
361Autosource Conditioning BP for Tires and Mech w Learning Checkpoint2019-05-21 11:15:34
362The Work List2019-05-21 12:38:15
363Refinish Operations2019-05-21 13:44:28
364Refinish Operations Learning Checkpoint2019-05-22 08:23:13
365Labor and Sectioning Operations2019-05-22 09:00:28
366Labor and Sectioning Operations Learning Checkpoint2019-05-22 09:23:51
367State Farm AEI Power Dispatch Learning Checkpoint2019-05-22 09:45:48